TechnologyCare- Digital and Analogue Video & Audio System Consultants and Design Engineers - CCTV and Video Analytic Specialists
TechnologyCare began offering design, engineering and project management services in 1985.  Our focus is to create solutions that deliver customer required outcomes, cost effectively. By ensuring that the design is visionary enough to satisfy current needs but includes future growth options to protect customer investment from obsolescence we fulfill an often neglected customer need.

The engineering diligence required to ensure reliability and optimal performance is done using standards based products, tested to customer requirements to ensure they are best suited to meet the technology convergence needs of today. The collective experience based on involvements in iconic project implementations enables us to deliver a total package which includes diagnostic monitoring of system performance through it's projected life.

Customers' today, find it essential to have the solution they invest in, to be built for a networked environment and expect that these network ready devices deliver bi-directional digital - video, voice, data and control to where required, across a wide area network and with minimal  latency.

The technology solutions proposed by TechnologyCare, in almost all cases, are a mix of core off the shelf product and customised integration modules.  Integration very often is achived at a higher level using standards based software interfaces. State of the art designs, engineered system architectures and other good reliability proofing inclusions such as "diagnostics" and "automated reporting" ensures that customers get customised performance and high availability from TechnologyCare solutions.
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